Effortlessly Good

Hairpip creates a solid shampoo and conditioner combo for every hair type. A one-step routine will naturally balance your hair hydrating the ends and cleansing the scalp to reduce wash days.

This first-of-a-kind design is not in a single-use plastic bottle, tube, or shampoo bar as we know it ... but a small portion breakaway pip.

We are essentially uncomplicating haircare and making it simple.


Hairpip® Solid Shampoo for Every Hair Type.

Break away one pip and take just what you need to the shower. A resourceful and simple way to wash your hair. Results rival any "perceived" salon quality haircare.

Natural the Normal

Creating safe, healthy, effective, plant-based hair care with functional essential oils to make natural the normal.

Ethical & Sustainable

The plastic-free, eco-friendly and clean future of haircare. Handcrafted in Australia, with intention, by Hairpip.

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all orders over $50. Orders before 1pm AWST are shipped same day anywhere in Australia.

Perfect Gift

Every bar of Hairpip is beautifully and sustainably wrapped. Each bar is a gift even if that gift is to you.

Simple & Uncomplicated

Washing your hair is something most people need to do, so let's make it worry-free, uncomplicated, and effective.

Each bar, designed to boost your mood, promotes different positive emotions and was created to make you feel great about your hair ... everyday.

sustainable and clean beauty alternative to premium liquid shampoo.


Certified and Credible

The Hairpip Difference


You are left with the active ingredients when you take out the water from a shampoo formulation.
Hairpip has taken these ingredients, cold-pressed them into portioned sized bar, and air-dried them. Cured ready to use.
Just break away one pip and use it for two or three washes while the remainder stays dry, sitting pretty in its artwork box.


People are obsessed with plastic which is harming us and the planet. We wanted to make a difference … Hairpip needed to be plastic-free. 

A bottle of liquid shampoo can consist of 70-80% water. More water means more weight, greater carbon emissions, and plastic packaging. We took out the water, and we took out the bulk. We also removed preservatives, silicones, phthalates, palm oil, and parabens. Along with harmful sulphates, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances.

Optimal Health

Commonplace shampoo and conditioner have a myriad of unpronounceable ingredients listed on the bottle. We wanted to uncomplicate this. Hairpip needed good, clean, healthy and pronounceable ingredients in a formula to rival any “perceived” premium hair care product.

Natural Cycle

Mindfully formulated with ancient goodness to detox from stresses, brighten, hydrate, feed, strengthen and promote growth.
People clean their hair only to follow up immediately with conditioner and styling products, making it dirty again. We questioned, "Is this necessary". Hairpip needed to be cleansing and conditioning, giving people no reason to enter this unnatural cycle.

How does Hairpip work?

Break away one pip and take to the shower only what you need.

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What is a pip?

Inspired by the shampoo bar, but done differently. We wanted to have small portions, just like chocolate and its satisfying sensation of breaking away one square at a time. Hairpip needed a name for these portions, so the "pip" was born. 

Remarkably Less Oily

Changed hair with just a few washes.

We uncovered the healing properties of essential oils, shikakai, coconut cider vinegar and cocoa butter and their remarkable effect on hair. One of our customers made the switch. Days later, Sam didn't need to wash as usual, and she found a new appreciation and enthusiasm for her longer-than-ever-before hair.

No Conditioner Needed

One less step in the routine

Angie had always thought you had to use conditioner. Commonplace shampoos strip the good oils from your hair, and commonly conditioner is used to rehydrate. Hairpip is ultra-hydrating and leaves hair frizz-free, shiny and silky. All naturally.

hairpip - shampoo bar

Long Lasting

From expensive shampoo bottles to guilt free pips

Chris was buying "salon quality" shampoo and felt guilty every time, and it was expensive, lasted only four months and contained silicone and parabens. Chris was craving self-care, enviro-care and optimal body health. She made the positive switch to Hairpip.


Hairpip is changing the norm of haircare.

Genius Design

"My thin, lacking-volume hair has never been happier. With each wash, my hair has more bounce and is clean like never before. I wash less often, and I don't need conditioner. Hairpip looks good, smells great, it's a genius design."

— Ryah C

Protecting Oceans

"As a keen ocean lover, Hairpip ticks lots of boxes. Safe, easy, and low-key, I am just doing my bit by reducing plastic in the house to protect our oceans and other ecosystems."

— Penny W

No Stress Travel

"Hairpip is fantastic for travel. I used to use shampoo bars, but they are tricky to re-pack when wet. Nothing left to bring home when you use a pip; it's a game-changer."

— Myles L

Luxurious Self-care

"Hairpip has a rich exotic aroma, lathers quickly and easily and leaves hair feeling light and full. As someone who usually needs a rich conditioner, I found it isn't required. My hair also dries quicker after using Hairpip. Easy and compact for travel. It feels good to be putting good things on my body whilst minimising impact on the planet. Using Hairpip feels like an act of self-care."

— Shannon H

Design Matters

Artwork Box

A shampoo bar is prone to mush and disintegrates prematurely once exposed to water. Hairpip needed to be essentially single-use, taking only what you need to the shower. The rest of the bar stays dry, sitting pretty in its artwork box.