How to take the perfect selfie.

Hairpip_ solid-state-shampoo_eye-for-a-pip

We all love a good selfie so here's what to do.

Step 1. Breakaway one pip. Clothes on or off - up to you. 
Step 2. Get creative and strike a pose where you literally have an #eyeforapip. Front on is stunning, but for any shy-bees try looking away, up, sideways or anywhere in between. 
Step 3. Take selfie – bonus marks if you get your gorgeous hair in the shot. Wet or dry - up to you. 
Step 4. Post it on Instagram and don't forget to use hashtag #eyeforapip and tag @hairpip_

Remember, Instagram frowns on exposing too much, so make sure you keep the important bits covered and leave some things to your followers imagination.

You’re set. You are officially a hairpipper... 

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