Why sustainability is important to us?

Hairpip - solid shampoo

In 2022, Hairpip emerged with a dual mission: to address toxicity in hair care and offer an alternative to single-use plastic bottles. Although navigating the complexities of the ingrained hair care industry was challenging, our determination fuelled our journey.

Early on, we began to understand the widespread effects of overused commonplace shampoo and conditioners used in most homes.  As a brand, we began questioning whether this was necessary and digging deeper into the reasoning.  Our ambition was clear: simplify hair care and help people healthily maintain their hair without confidence-zapping hair issues.

We wanted to revolutionise the hair care category, so we needed to match the “perceived” premium hair salon shampoo and conditioners available and develop a resourceful and sustainable design.  We knew it would be tough building a brand where our customers were required to unlearn what they traditionally knew of hair care and hair care routines, but we were firm in our belief that Hairpip could address big challenges and create long-term value.

Why investing in Hairpip is a good and sustainable choice.

Hairpip is more than just crazy good shampoo—it's a catalyst for change. To combat environmental damage, Hairpip pledges to donate $1 from every purchase to Carbon Positive Australia, a forward-thinking organisation focused on reforestation, carbon offset, and community empowerment. We believe sustainability goes beyond mere balance—it's about regeneration, replacing outdated routines, and repairing the damage already inflicted. Our goal is to foster everyday resourcefulness and transform mindsets and behaviours towards using, purchasing, and producing plastics. Traditional liquid shampoo bottles often contain 70-80% water, resulting in excess weight, substantial carbon emissions, and unnecessary plastic packaging. Hairpip has reduced the bulk and environmental impact by eliminating water from our formulation and taking responsible action for a positive change.

We ship the bars sustainably wrapped in hemp cord and use carbon-neutral shipping through Australia Post, using slim-line paper mailers free of unnecessary packing materials. Our artwork boxes are FSC-certified, recyclable, and home-compostable cardboard sourced from a local print house that adheres to ISO environmental standards and undergoes regular third-party audits to ensure compliance. We deliberately do not use gold foil on our packaging to keep it compostable.

Why is staying curious about the ingredients used on the body and at home is important? 

At Hairpip, we inspire everyday curiosity to be consistently aware of the ingredients used in our daily routines. By being curious and digging deeper into reasoning, we can change our damaging habits to ensure current and future generations will be protected and continue to thrive. 

In an industry crowded with highly engineered, unpronounceable synthetic ingredients encouraging unnatural hair routines, Hairpip was born for the discerning individual who strives for self-care, efficacy, enviro-care and the highest quality ingredients. With natural formulations and minimal cold processing, Hairpip harnesses the inherent healing properties of each botanical and plant-based ingredient to purify, nourish and hydrate every type of hair, throwing out the notion different hair types require a different formulation and approach.

The Hairpip ‘pip’ design has resourcefulness at its heart, discouraging over-application and premature washing away of unutilised shampoo. Our intentionally flat and bulk-free design minimises carbon emissions during transportation, while the water-free formula conserves resources and eliminates the need for the often-broached hormone-disrupting parabens.

What does the future hold for Hairpip?

The future is bright and full of potential. We believe healthier hair care and plastic-free products can significantly transform the hair care sector for the betterment of people and the environment.

We are inspired by brands across the world that are committed to sustainable and healthy change as we celebrate our progress and continue our journey towards a greener future, where every purchase supports reforestation, reduces waste, and promotes eco-conscious living.

Join us in our mission to protect people and our planet, one shampoo bar at a time. 

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